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Connect with God, The Church, & Your Purpose

Rooted is a 10 week discipleship experience where you will connect with God, the Church, and your purpose in unexpected and life-changing ways. The Rooted experience redefines how we live, how we view our relationship with God and others, and what it means to be a part of something bigger. You will begin to see God in new ways as He invites you to experience life in Him - a life marked by community, authenticity, and generosity.

What to Expect

Rooted is a journey. For 10 weeks, you will meet with a group of people to talk about what God has been revealing to you as you go through the week’s readings, journal entries, and prayer. You will also share two experiences together outside your group time: prayer and serving. After the last session, you’ll join with other groups and celebrate how God has worked to connect each of you with your passion, purpose, and your community. 

More Details

Rooted is offered three times a year. Rooted meets in homes or at church at a variety of times. Cost is $30 per person. This includes a study guide, experiences, & celebration dinner. Free child care is available. 

Rooted (September 10 - November 17)
Kickoff - September 10 at 10:45 AM in Room 9 (Planet Room)
Prayer Experience - week of September 24
Serve Experience - week of October 15
Celebration Dinner - November 17