Who We Are

Our mission at EFree Church of Diamond Bar is “To Know Jesus and Make Him Known.” Our desire is that everyone would come to a saving relationship with Jesus and that they would know Him more intimately every day of their lives.

Our Values

Biblical Teaching: We believe the Bible, the infallible Word of God, to be the ultimate authority for our faith and lives. We passionately teach God’s Word in a manner that challenges seekers to find Christ and believers to mature.

World Missions: Spreading the Gospel of Christ around the globe
(Matthew 28:19)

We believe taking the Good News of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection to the ends of the earth is the privilege and purpose of every Christian. This involves relentlessly proclaiming the Gospel to all people near and far by equipping, sending, and supporting knowledgeable, compassionate servants.

Family: People immediately related to one another by birth and marriage
(Eph. 5:22-31; Acts 2:42-47)

We believe God designed families as a foundation from which to build and strengthen spiritual and emotional well being through committed relationships between a husband and a wife, parents and children, and multi-generational families. We also lovingly embrace those disconnected from or without a family of their own, forming a new family that reflects the heart and character of God.

Worship: Attributing worth to God
(Romans 12:1; Mark 12:30)

We believe the desire to worship Jesus Christ is an innate part of every believer. Therefore, we seek to promote a constant atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving including corporate praise, prayer, and practical acts of service.

Relationship: Relating to and enjoying time with others within the church
(Mark 12:31; Acts 2:42-47)

We believe the connection between believers promotes and supports deep spiritual growth. Therefore, we foster relationships, work toward unity, and care practically, spiritually, and completely for individuals within the church body.

Service: Mobilizing the church body to be the hands and feet of Christ
(James 1:27)

We believe God has given every believer gifts and abilities to encourage, build up, and strengthen other people as a means to express our love for Him. Therefore, we seek and develop opportunities to serve others selflessly, generously, and sacrificially for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism: Telling others the Good News of Christ
(Luke 15:4-7; Ephesians 6:19-20)

We believe followers of Christ should be actively involved in sharing their faith in Jesus with others. Therefore, we constantly look for ways to creatively tell others about the love of Jesus in a meaningful, relevant manner.