The Purpose of Missions 

The Scriptures teach that we are to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). This is accomplished as believers fulfill their role as ambassadors of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) and as local churches recruit, train, and send believers into the world (Romans 10:13 – 1). The goal is to win people to the Lord, equip them in the faith, and establish churches that have the same aim—in every tribe, tongue, people and nation (Acts 14:21 – 23Revelation 5:9). The Missions Leadership Team shall seek to guide the Diamond Bar Evangelical Free Church in light of this purpose statement.

Do you have a heart for Missions and Missionary care? Or have any questions about what we do or how to join the MLT, please contact Robert or Linda Rogus. Thank you.

Meet Our Global Workers

Efree Diamond Bar has the pleasure in partnering with 16 individual and families who serve across 10 different countries around the world. For security reasons, not all of our Global Workers listed below.


Would you like to join a Missionaries support team and receive their monthly updates? If so, please email Robert or Linda Rogus.

Short Term Trips

Each year we offer a short-term mission trip and partner with our missionaries to further God’s Great Commission and personally grow in our faith and dependence on Him. For more information about any of our future trips or how you can support someone you know going on a trip, please email Robert or Linda Rogus.


Ascent HS Mission Trip

The Ascent HS is going on a 6-day mission trip to Denver, CO through a ministry called YouthWorks. Youthworks uses short, Christ-centered trips to disciple and empower students to love and serve like Jesus. Students will have the opportunity to see how community members are rising to meet the challenges that the city of Denver is facing by serving with them in meaningful ways through home projects, food distribution, thrift stores, and city beautification.

Dates: 6/9/24-6/14/24 + training

Cost: $100 trip deposit (non-refundable). Students will be raising support to cover trip expenses but we do ask that they commit to a $100 deposit that goes toward the mission trip. The per-person cost is approximately $500/person - which covers food, trip tools, 14 meals, transportation, service project materials, training resources, and evening activities.  To apply, click HERE.

To support Ascent in their missions trip, please click HERE.