IMPACT is a three year journey of sacrificial giving. At EFree Church Diamond Bar, we are learning to DREAM BIG. We dream of reaching our entire community for Jesus! Only God is big enough to accomplish such a big dream through us. But as we step out in faith, we want to leverage everything we have to make Jesus known in Diamond Bar and its surrounding cities - everything, including our facility. 

With the funds we raise, we plan to transform our church campus. We plan to build a brand new, state-of-the-art Children's Facility. We will also create an inviting "third space" on our patio with an atrium and various upgrades. Additionally, we will renovate the interior of The Landing building. 

Our hope is that our campus, which is placed on a strategic corner in Diamond Bar will in every way reflect the heart of the people who use it every week - a heart that is inviting, friendly, warm, and entirely for the city of Diamond Bar. In short, the heart of Jesus. 

We are asking for God's people to give sacrificially to this big vision. This giving will go above and beyond our normal gifts. We are praying that God uses our faith to accompish big things! 

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You can give online here.

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Give at a Weekend Service

Giving during worship services at 9 & 10:45am is a wonderful, tangible act of worship!

Give Creatively

You can give stocks, bonds, land, real estate, coin collection, or the like. Just contact to set up!  


Why is this project necessary?

The mission of EFree Church Diamond Bar is to know Jesus and make Him known, and we truly believe that God has placed us on a strategic corner to carry out that mission. Our heart is that the whole community would come to know Jesus, and we want to leverage every opportunity and resource to that end. This project will transform our campus and use the land God has given us much more efficiently. These enhancements will also help our facility to more fully reflect the heart of the people who use it. A heart that is friendly, warm, inviting. A heart for growing families and authentic community. 

How will this project improve our current capacity?

Our building project will increase our capacity to grow dramatically. Our current Education Building has a square footage of approximately 3600 square feet. The new Children’s Building would nearly double the square footage! This will allow our entire children's ministry, including the toddlers and nursery, to be securely housed in one dedicated building.

What is the overall budget for this project?

The overall budget is estimated at $4.5 million. This budget accounts for things like landscaping around the new children’s building and common area, storage cost during construction, bathroom fixtures, paint, flooring, and window treatments. $4.5 is the estimated “out the door” cost. 

How will we pay for this project without incurring unmanageable debt?

We are so thankful that already collected almost $1.1 million through our previous campaign called NEXT. During IMPACT, we are targeting $1.5 million.

As a church, we are willing to take on a loan up to $2 million loan. We qualify for this loan based on our church’s reputable financial history. Ultimately, this is a test of our faith. We trust God to provide. Our prayer is that we would be able to complete the project debt free, or that we will be able to pay off any loan we incur very quickly!

What progress has been made to date? 

We have the scope and budget of the project set. The scope will include a new children’s building, the creation of a “third space” on the patio via an atrium connecting the Worship Center building with The Landing, as well as some renovated space in The Landing.

When can we expect this project to be completed?

Whenever it comes to construction, setting a hard and fast date of completion can be difficult! So thank you for bearing with us. It all depends on when start. Assuming that we begin format design work by the mid to late 2018, we can expect to have a majority of the new spaces completed in about a year. 

Why are we changing the plans from what was proposed originally?

“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

By God’s grace, the plan we have now makes far more sense than our previous plans! As we worked with our architect and contractor, it became apparent that dedicating a separate, state-of-the-art building away from the front of our campus to house our entire Children’s Ministry, including toddlers and nursery, would provide much more square footage. It would also provide space to grow, as well as the best possible security. All of this is possible even keeping a similar budget to the original proposal.




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